written by
Sudesh Girdhari

July 7,8, & 9th A “vitual” party for Kuberenets birthday. - The Tanzu Way

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Curious about how the solutions from the Tanzu team help you to achieve scale? Learn how from our experts.

  • Learn how Kubernetes works embedded in vSphere 7
  • Manage tens or hundreds of Kubernetes clusters with Tanzu Mission Control across clouds.
  • Learn how development teams will drive code into production in a fraction of the time using Tanzu Application Service for Kubernetes.


12:00–12:15am EST Joe Beda: The Evolution of Kubernetes, and what's next

12:15–12:30am EST Jared Rosoff: vSphere 7 with Kubernetes - Learn how Kubernetes creates a better experience for operators AND developers

12:30–12:45am EST Eryn Muetzel: Explore Tanzu Mission Control - The best means to manage multiple clusters for many development teams across your organization

12:45-1:00pm EST Richard Seroter: The ‘cf push’ experience in Tanzu Application Service and how it can transform the way you use Kubernetes

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  • June 3: Getting Started with Kubernetes with Paul Czarkowski, Tiffany Jernigan, and Tyler Britten
  • June 4: Spring on Kubernetes with Dave Syer and Ryan Baxter AND Application and Container Workflow with Ryan Schneider