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Sudesh Girdhari

See it with me Antreea! (Ant - Tree -ah)

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What is it?

If you've ever deployed kubernetes you also have faced the challenge of trying to figure out what's talking to what for your applications and workloads. Project Antreea has been around for a while but we're formally announcing it here today and you should check it out observability is a key to run modern applications.

Link to the announcement

  • Antrea delivers key advantages for Kubernetes: cluster-wide security policy, observability, and live traffic tracing with rich ecosystem support
  • with Antrea. Enterprise Support from VMware.the Kubernetes Slack and look for the #antrea channel

    Attend Antrea Community Meetings every two weeks on Tuesday at 5AM UTC (9PM PDT, 6AM CET, 10.30AM IST, 1PM China)

    @ProjectAntrea on Twitter

    VMware Container Networking with Antrea. Enterprise Support from VMware.