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Sudesh Girdhari

When its time to move, consider migrating. (workloads) using VMware Cloud

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Take it from someone who has moved twice in the last year moving is complex. Often you don’t know what you have until its time to start packing. Also understanding the workloads and the tools available can be a challenge.

Looks nice only took 2 months of moving!
Recently a migration publication from our team was refreshed to incorporate feedback from customers, engineering, product teams and stakeholders. (Thanks William Lam & Emad Younis)

It contained some key observations about the migration steps, large organizations may need to make progress for there migration to/from datacenter to the cloud.

Migration Strategies: Typical Project Profile
Considerations include is this Hot, Warm or Cold workloads (not to mention delicious frozen workloads :)
Migration begins with understanding the type of workload in play.

Ready to read more check out all the tools at your disposal! Read-on!

VMware Cloud Migration Whitepaper